Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year everyone 

This is just a short post to say a quick hello
I'm busy working on some new books at the moment and hope to bring you another "how to post" soon!

The images here are from my work on "The Memories of Rosemarie Richter" 
I have been in a very reflective mood recently.........due I think to the start of another new year in my life. My Mother Rosemarie Richter is in her 87th year! It has not been an easy life partly because of her experiences of the war and because she has never had the ability to move on from those years.
If I have learned anything from this........ it is we who choose whether we want to forget or keep feeding those issues, like a cancer that keeps growing until it is all consuming.  

Here are some images of her portrait I created them on Handmade Silk Paper.
Hand stitched with sewing cotton! it was a wonderful lesson in tone and shade while stitching. They have a small amount of graphite on them.

Thanks to all for supporting my new art page Interlaced-Textile Arts on Facebook.

Each stitch is with single thread cotton........the nearest I could get other than using real hair! That I will leave until another time.

Love Marilyn. xx